Stepping into better health is a path best taken with friends at your side along the way.

We encourage you to take a look at some of our friends, organizations, and suggested resources from around the country that we think will be of assistance for your journey during Move More Month and beyond.

Tell a friend, make a friend, and start a movement one step at a time!

Organizations & Other Resources

American Hiking Society

American Hiking Society

As the national voice for hiking, the American Hiking Society preserves trails through trial maintenance, protects natural spaces by advocating and promotes hiking by inspiring and equipping people to get out on the trail.

American Volkssport Association

AVA is a non-profit organization that focuses on meeting other local walking enthusiasts in your area. They have clubs and meet-ups in all 50 states that promote regular physical activity as an essential component of good health.

National Park Service

Since 1916 the National Park Service has been entrusted with the care of our national parks servicing over 275 million visitors a year. They aim to preserve and encourage everyone to get outside and explore amazing national resources.

Country Walkers

Creating active and immersive Walking Adventures with a focus on cultural immersion and natural experiences, Country Walkers offers both guided and self-guided walking tours including off-the-beaten-track walks and all-inclusive itineraries.

American Trails

American trails is the world’s largest online trail resource and is used to help all those interested in exercise and the outdoors with enjoying, planning, building, designing, managing, enhancing, and supporting the trail system in the U.S.

Appalachian Mountain Club

AMC is the oldest conservation & recreation group in the U.S. and encourages people of all ages to get out and enjoy the many natural outdoor resources of the U.S. and the world. AMC is located in the Mid-Atlantic and in New England.

Great American Interstate Trails & Organizations

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s mission is to preserve and manage the Appalachian Trail – ensuring that its vast natural beauty and priceless cultural heritage can be shared and enjoyed today, and for centuries to come.

The ADT organization manages and promotes the American Discovery Trail as a national resource for the enjoyment and benefit of its users. The trail stretches coast to coast from Delaware to California.

The PCT is a non-profit organization that considers itself a fraternity of trail lovers at its core tasked with championing the rewards of getting outside. From Mexico to Canada the trail stretches across thousands of miles of wilderness.

The 3,100 mile CDT winds its way New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana as one of the premier outdoor experiences. The non-profit staff encourages people to experience the trail and preserves it as a public treasure.

Walking Books

"Pedestrianism When Watching People Walk Was America's Favorite Spectator Sport" book

Pedestrianism: When Watching People Walk Was America's Favorite Spectator Sport - Matthew Algeo

Strange as it sounds, during the 1870s and 1880s, America’s most popular spectator sport wasn’t baseball, boxing, or horseracing—it was competitive walking. Inside sold-out arenas, competitors walked around dirt tracks almost nonstop for six straight days (never on Sunday), risking their health and sanity to see who could walk the farthest—500 miles, then 520 miles, and 565 miles! These walking matches were as talked about as the weather, the details reported from coast to coast.

"On Foot: A History of Walking" book

On Foot: A History of Walking - Joseph A. Amato

Walking has been the primary mode of locomotion for humans until very recent times when we began to sit and ride-first on horses and in carriages, then trains and bicycles, and finally cars, trucks, buses, and airplanes-rather than go on foot. The particular way we saunter, clomp, meander, shuffle, plod along, jaunt, tramp, and wander on foot conveys a wealth of information about our identity, condition, and destination.

"Walking - Henry David Thoreau" book

Walking - Henry David Thoreau

Originally given as part of a lecture in 1851, “Walking” was later published posthumously as an essay in the Atlantic Monthly in 1862. Now being a chief text in the environmental movement, Thoreau’s “Walking” places man not separate from Nature and Wildness but within it and lyrically describes the ever beckoning call that draws us to explore and find ourselves lost in the beauty of the forests, rivers, and fields.

"The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot - Robert Macfarlane" book

The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot - Robert Macfarlane

The book folds together natural history, cartography, geology, and literature as Robert Macfarlane sets off to follow the ancient routes that crisscross both the landscape of the British Isles and its waters and territories beyond. The result is an immersive, enthralling exploration of the voices that haunt old paths and the stories our tracks tell.

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